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The novella, published by Charles Dickens in 1843, is one of the most beloved stories in the history of literature. He wrote it in six weeks and finished the last pages in the first days of December. It was released on the 19th of December and was sold out before Christmas Day.

The illustrations were made by John Leech. He provided four hand-coloured etchings and four black and white wood engravings.

Ôbkłŏdka wydaniŏ ksiōnżkowego

Ôbkłŏdka wydaniŏ ksiōnżkowego

The translation was quite hard. Not only it was the first time I’ve ever translated prose to Silesian (unless we count Red Riding Hood), but it’s the first comprehensive translation of any piece of work to this language. I tried to find balance between writing with my own local dialect and finding every single Silesian word from any village and mixing them in one sentence. Hence the accent of the text is the accent of the Bytom area with expressions from other places thrown in once in a while.

I couldn’t find proper, clean illustrations by John Leech from the first release, so I cleaned up those yellowed scans from Wikimedia Commons (you can see the difference below).

The illustration on the cover was created by Jessie Willcox Smith and is from the book Dickens’s Children.

I’m releasing it for free because I wanted to go with the Christmas’ and the story’s spirit, and because we’re suffering from a horrible lack of free Silesian text on the internet. Of course, just because the eBook is free, doesn’t mean it’s in Public Domain. It’s on Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

If you like it, I’ll be grateful for every penny sent to my PayPal, so I could by my nephew a present.

May this book bring you lots of joy.

Merry Christmas!

Update 30.10.2017:

Silesia Progress decided to release the translation on paper. I sat to do some proofreading and after many hours of thinking and rethinking I changed a lot in the text, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep here the version I don’t deem the best. You can buy the book here: click.

Ôryginalny skanDuch ôd Marleya - John Leech
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Dziękujemy za publikację aby inni mogli się zapoznać z tekstami śląskimi. Do kompletu przydała by się też autorska wersja MP3 z pana głosem.

A przy okazji życzę cobych mōg siostrzyńcowi gyszynk kupić który sobie wymarzył.

Szczęść boże dla reszty fimillii zwłaszcza tych co pracują na grubie.

Grzegorz Kulik


Jo już zamawiom u Pyjtra pora sztuk i roześla na Gody po rodzinie 🙂 Jako je szansa na zakup wersje cyfrowyj?

Grzegorz Kulik

Niy mōmy ani przigotowanyj wersyje cyfrowyj na tyn rok. 🙂

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